DC Power Small System


DC Power Small System

DC Systems for Small Telecom Facilities

Emersion Network Power's Small DC systens for India satisfy the power needs of applications with up to 2260W requirements.
The units adopt international safety EN60950 and provide multiple communication ports. The systems are suitable for centralized monitoring and unmanned sites, and the systems have a damage-free “hot plug.” The systems utilize intelligent battery management that prolongs battery life, and users can access qick and convenient online maintenance.

DC Power Small Systems

For Capacities ranging from 1-2 kW


  • Adoption of international safety EN60950,
  • Provides multiple communication ports,
  • Suitable for centralized monitoring and unmanned sites.
  • Damage- free “hot plug ”, convenient and quick on- line maintenance.
  • Intelligent battery management to prolong battery life time and ensure uptime Adopt standard 19 ” frame

Electrical Specifications


  • Voltage range 220 Vac ( 150 V ~ 300 V)
  • Current 18 A
  • Frequency 50 Hz ( 47 ~ 63 Hz)
  • Effiency 87%


  • Maximum power : 2260W
  • Voltage : –48Vdc
  • Current : 40 A
  • DC distribution branch User 1 32A ( MCB), User 2 32A ( MCB), User 3 32A ( MCB), Battery 50A ( MCB), Battery 50A ( MCB)
  • Noise & Ripple ( peak- peak) 400 mV ( within 20MHz)
  • Voltage stabilizing accuracy 0.6%
  • Current share imbalance 5%
  • Voltage drop in DC distributor 800 mV ( 20 °C)

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