DC Power Large System


DC Power Large System

DC Systems for Large Telecom Facilities

The PS Series of power supply system is a new generation of highly reliable energy products designed by Emerson Network Power integrating years of experience in development and equipment operation on power networks. This series includes two types of systems: PS48400/50 and PS 48600/50.

The applications include:

  • Main Switching Centres
  • Base Station Controllers
  • GSM mobile base station
  • CDMA mobile base station
  • Terminal station
  • Transmission equipment
  • Data communication equipment

AC Control Unit

  • AC input: 3-phase and 5-wire over voltage/under voltage cut off.
  • AC input capacity: 415Vac, 50A
  • Lightning arresting system: 8/20 µ s current shock wave: 40kA


  • Input 1600mm high x 600mm wide x 600mm deep

NetSure - The Next-Generation DC Power Technology Platform
NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, wireless, and enterprise communication networks.
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