NetSure 4015 DC Power System

NetSure 4015
30kW 400V DC Power System

Reliable and efficient power system for 400V DC critical power applications

The NetSure™ 4015 30kW 400V DC power system is designed to fit into a standard 19" IT rack and has options for battery backup and output distribution. This flexible and compact system is designed for easy deployment and test for initial 400V DC loads in lab evaluations, field trials and microgrid applications.

The three major components are:
  • Power and control sub-rack  (6RU)
  • DC load distribution sub-racks (6RU)
  • Battery trays (4RU)

Both high resistance mid-point ground (+/- 200V DC) and negative pole ground (+400V, -0V DC) are available, see the 400V DC Power Technology page for more information.

  • 30kW capacity (15kW N+1)
  • Hot pluggable 15kW rectifiers
  • AC Input: 380V, 400V or 480V AC
  • Input to output isolation
  • Up to (18) output load breakers
  • Battery backup available for up to 15 minutes of runtime at 30kW
  • Integration into standard IT rack
  • High efficiency over a wide operating range (>96%)
  • eSure high-efficiency rectifiers offering superior performance and uncompromised reliability
  • Detects unintended insulation breakdowns with high resistance mid-point grounding
  • Easy to deploy