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DB Power MEGA Switch N-Series

​The MEGA switches allows instantaneous transfer of load between two power sources. It can be used to ensure complete redundancy of power supply upto the last piece of wire. It is useful in many applications, where redundant power supply is available, either from two UPS systems or oneUPSand bypass source.

These switches are comprising of semiconductor switches, they ensure continuity of power to the load in the event of failure of one of the power sources. They have different user selectable parameters and in-built microprocessor. Typical applications include Data centers, Call centers, process control and Automation.

  • Rating : 60, 100, 200, 300 A
  • Power switch in Neutral path
  • Total isolation of sources
  • Uses power semiconductor switches
  • Digital control
  • No break, even in no-sync condition
  • Selection of the source priority
  • Source voltage level & frequency selection
  • Monitoring through MODBUS
  • Simple yet rugged design
  • High reliability
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