Liebert ITA Series UPS (20kVA)


Liebert ITA Series UPS (20kVA)

A double conversion online UPS device that is extremely efficient with energy efficiency of over 94%

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A double conversion online UPS device that is extremely efficient with energy efficiency of over 94%. Rack mount/tower compatible Adapt series UPS is is applicable to server rooms to protect key equipment, including servers and network communication devices.

Upto 0.9 output power factor and ultra high power density, adapt 20kVA is well-equipped to support electrical features of the latest server.

Application :

  • Small & medium-sized data/communication equipment room
  • Network room
  • Business operating room
  • Precision control room
  • Process control center
  • Ultra high power density
  • Extra wide input voltage/frequency range, adaptable to bad mains environment
  • Upto 0.9 output power factor, supporting the electrical features of the latest server
  • Efficiency of the system up to 94%
  • Rack-mount/tower installation compatible
  • Support parallel expended operation
  • Provide high rack options, easy for integration of switching/monitoring within the rack
  • Can be connected to Emerson Optimize IT monitoring system smoothly
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