Liebert RG

Liebert RG

For the regulated power requirement, most of the CNC machines depend upon various power conditioners. However, these power conditioners are not sufficient to address the critical power requirement of CNC machine. The Four Quadrant Liebert RG UPS, offers regulated power, along with continuity and it also addresses the regenerative braking issues, thanks to its revolutionary design.

Liebert RG UPS allows this regenerative power to flow back, smoothly to the utility, without causing any interruptions or damages to the UPS as well as other connected load.

  • Four Quardrant IGBT PWM rectifier
  • Suitable for Regenerative Load
  • Unity input  power factor
  • Low input THDi
  • State-of-the-Art Digital control
  • Inbuilt isolation transformer
  • Advance communication capabilities
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