Containerized Data Center Infrastructure

Container​ Data Center Solutions

Emerson Network Power provides efficient, reliable critical infrastructure solutions for data centers all around the​ world. We understand how data center infrastructure is becoming more complex at almost every level, and more essential to the success of the business than ever before. And as a global leader in Business-Critical Continuity, we constantly try to come up with the best solutions, designed to face the demands of our customers.

Our branded containerized data center infrastructure is a step forward in the industry, combining maximum energy savings with operational flexibility.  

Self Encl​osed Un​ified Infrastructure

Our simple, fully integrated, enclosed infrastructure can scale with your data center or be rapidly deployed in your telecom network. This helps solve the problem of expanding IT compute capacity in core facilities and c​​onnectivity capacity at the network edge.

Moving your Data Center Infrastructure into a SmartMod container gives you the performance your IT or Telecom Managers require.

SmartMod for IT

Imagine the advantages of a rapidly deployable, standalone data center with all the capabilities you need to achieve your IT objectives. The SmartMod infrastructure utilizes the data center and technology best practices to deliver results in efficiency, availability and capacity.​

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SmartMod for Telecom

SmartMod™ Solutions are modular power infrastructures that enable network aggregation, connecting end users directly to the highspeed internet backbone. They consist of highly reliable DC power systems integrated with AC inverter systems, common battery back-up, transfer switches, surge protection, advanced thermal management and hosted monitoring systems.

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Stick build or prefabricated data centre? What’s the best investment? Emerson Network Power has deployed prefabricated data centres in about 50% of the time required to build a facility using traditional approaches.