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Emerson Delivers Data Center Services Efficiency Without Compromise


Innovation and efficiency are at the heart of the information technology industry. And a growing focus in every data center is energy efficiency to improve operations and reduce operation costs. Emerson Network Power understands the challenges of setting up the right infrastructure to support your business-critical data center operations and helps you respond to these issues and anticipate them by providing innovative solutions so you can concentrate on making your business grow.

Emerson delivers on the promise to provide data centers Efficiency Without Compromise by providing a path to optimize data center infrastructure around design, operating and management efficiencies through the utilization of cooling, power and monitoring technologies, supported by key local service-points honed by a global expertise.

To meet your specific needs, Emerson Network Power offers a complete menu of service options for deploying, maintaining and optimizing Data Centers to significantly extend the life of your critical infrastructure, decrease your capital investment, optimize system efficiency and effectiveness and increase overall system availability.