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Designed to support in operating critical infrastructure at the best possible performance, Emerson Professional Services include: critical infrastructure assessment to identify gaps and improvement areas both in terms of availability and cost control, equipment upgrades to improve performance and electrical engineering services for enclosing safety and reliability parameters.


Deploying, maintaining and optimizing Data Centers is not an easy task. To assure the system’s efficiency optimization, increase the overall system availability and significantly extend the life of your data center, according to your specific needs, Emerson Network Power’s full menu of service options is the perfect choice.


Our team of telecom service experts offers unsurpassed capabilities for your critical infrastructure ranging from assessment, analysis, and design and deployment to a breadth of optimization services including remote supervision, maintenance, strategic management and planning.


Emerson can help you increase the availability and safety of your electrical assets, targeting to avoid unexpected outages and accidents. Through electrical testing, maintenance and engineering services, we can ensure you have the information you need to make smarter, more profitable decisions about each asset in your electrical distribution system.