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Equipment Replacements

Replacing life limited components before they age to the point of significant probability for failure provides a much more reliable approach to achieving long service life for your critical data center equipment. Waiting to replace components can lead to unplanned downtime.
  • Battery Replacement Services
  • Emerson Network Power offers expert installation of new cells, as well as certified recycling of used batteries in compliance with EPA guidelines, providing full-string battery system replacement services.


  • UPS Capacitors & Fans Replacement Service
  • To ensure the extension of UPS unit life and to protect your business critical systems, Emerson Network Power offers a programmed and proactive service replacement of capacitor and fan components.

Equipment Upgrades

Our upgrade services are designed to improve equipment performance and maximize energy saving.
  • EC Fans Replacement
  • Based on years of field data analysis and experience, our fans replacement program represents the best method to achieve the highest reliability of your business critical systems.


  • Electronic Expansion Valve Upgrades
  • Electronic Expansion Valve technology extends compressor lifetime, delivers optimal functionality, increases efficiency and reduces anomalies to increase the reliability of customer products.


  • iCOM Control Upgrades
  • iCOM Control Upgrades can help renew communication capabilities, fully leverage the initial investments and enhance the network life of cooling units.


  • Variable Speed Drives Upgrade
  • Adding a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) to the fan motor can lead to fan power savings. This allows the fan speed and power draw to be reduced as load decreases.