Data Center Case Studies by Solutions - Unified Infrastructure


Case Studies by Solution: Unified Infrastructure

A leading communications and media company in the Northeast U.S. installed a SmartMod infrastructure solution at a remote location, providing additional data and Internet capacity without taking up more facility space.  The containerized data center has reduced costs by minimizing installation time, and eliminating potentially costly room upgrades in the main building.
To meet the stringent availability requirements dictated by the company’s robust service agreements, CDGI utilizes Liebert and Knurr solutions to facilitate efficient, high-availability data center infrastructure performance.
DataCenter.BZ’s data center expansion is supported with a high-density power and cooling infrastructure optimized for efficiency and flexibility, without compromising its 2(N+1) high-availability operational commitment.
Gridway Computing Corporation deployed the SmartAisle infrastructure including integrated row-based power and cooling to save space, cut costs and maintain a flexible plan for expansion. GridWay now supports its clientele  with a smaller, more energy-efficient data center footprint.

Partnering with experts from Emerson Network Power and DVL, Microsoft® architected a best-in-class data center infrastructure.

Pasco County’s IT virtualization and applications growth drove it to upgrade data center design. It added a unique, standalone data center infrastructure to provide high availability, accommodate capacity growth and reduce its taxpayer-driven bottom line.
See how Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) deployed a brand new data center infrastructure, including racks, power, cooling, monitoring and fire suppression in a single weekend.

By avoiding costly room infrastructure construction, this company deployed a SmartRow data center infrastructure solution to save money and ensure an economical move to their future data center.

Sarasota County’s new facility needed to deliver scalable capacity and efficient operation throughout the lifecycle of their virtualized data center, while assuring continuous operation of government functions. A SmartDesign infrastructure now optimizes efficiency, capacity and availability.

Manhattan-based School of Visual Arts (SVA) deployed a SmartAisle approach to achieve a high-density, scalable infrastructure capable of accommodating long-term IT capacity growth within a 20 ft. by 20 ft. data center.

The Tampa Bay Rays selected the SmartRow solution from Emerson Network Power, as it increases data center capacity to support high-performance computing needs while reducing operational costs and delivering maximum availability.

The SmartAisle integrated data center infrastructure supports the university's unique, engineering-focused IT needs.