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Surge Protection


Telecommunication lines are widely used in highly exposed areas, or in long runs between buildings. Left unprotected at the primary and secondary, the conductors used in telecommunication applications are highly susceptible to transient impulses. Our telecom surge protection products are suitable for primary, secondary, and security applications.

Single-pair telephone or data line protectors that implement advanced two-stage hybrid design.
Ultra high-speed fused solid-state secondary protectors for KEY/PABX systems.
Allows Edco’s H-Series, COHP, OPX, PB Series and other similar surge suppressors to access ground when snapped onto the 66MI-50 Punch Down Block.
These protectors are intended to be used in conjunction with the Edco MGB Ground Rail and a standard MI-50 Punch Down Block.
Solid-state protectors for Intercom Extension Pairs. As a new alternative to the “OPX”, the standard Edco intercom protector, the PB adds fusing and a new component layout.
Solid state, two-line telephone interface protector module.
A high-density assembly designed to house up to 12 or 25 individual Edco surge protection modules.
Equipment for T1 line protection against damaging transients.
Surge suppressor that directly installs onto electronic circuit wiring terminal screws.
The PLP series of products provide isolated power loop circuit protection in applications where higher current is required, such as fire alarm and security systems.
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