Edco SPA-100T


Edco SPA-100T

Protection For Outdoor Cabinets Exposed To Lightning Transients

Intended for equipment located in outdoor cabinets exposed to lightning transients.

The SPA-100T is a medium duty AC Service Arrester which is solid state in design. It is intended for equipment which is located in outdoors cabinets exposed to lightning transients. Application examples are railroad equipment, motor control cabinets, flasher cabinets, and traffic controllers.

  • Fast response time
  • Solid-state design
  • Epoxy encapsulated
  • Compact size
  • 5 year warranty
  • 5 Nanosecond Response Time
  • Compact size
Technical Specification
  • Part Number: Edco SPA-100T
  • Operating Voltage: 120 VAC
  • Clamping Voltage: 395 VAC
  • Operating Current: NA
  • Peak Surge Current: 13 kA/Mode/Phase/Total
  • Operating Frequency: 47-63 Hz
  • EMI Attenuation: NA
  • SPD Technology: MOVs
  • Status Indication: NA
  • Connection Type: 10-32 Stainless Steel Stud
  • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +85°C
  • Dimensions (Inches): 0.5H x 1.5W x 2.0L
  • Weight: 2 oz
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