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Cold Aisle Containment


The three most important things for an energy-efficient data center:


  1. The consistent physical separation of cold zones from warm zones in the three areas – raised floor, rack and cold aisle containment – is the basis for the SmartAisle™ principle used. This immediately and significantly reduces energy costs.
  2. The cooling management equipment must be speed-regulated for highly efficient operation (EC fans in the air circulation equipment provide the basis for this).
  3. Use free-cooling and choose a high temperature level so that the time per year to cool with free-cooling is long.
SmartAisle™ Containment Standard is the best solution for new buildings and retrofits with a homogeneous layouts.
Emerson Network Power offers this solution on the basis of a profile section construction design that can be manufactured to fit each individual data center.
SmartAisle™ Containment for Free-standing constructs a flexible cold aisle containment that permits fast, modular replacement of free-standing systems.