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Knürr DCM - Data Center Module

The Knürr DCM consists of standard modules for space, power, cooling and infrastructure management that are harmonized with one another in such a way that they remain freely combinable with one another and can be adjusted to every requirement.
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Knurr DCM

Everything in the data center begins with the Knürr DCM®!
A rack’s mission is supposedly easy: Every kind of IT component must be accepted; servers, storage elements, switches, cable management – and it must provide the most suitable physical environment at the same time. An environment that consists of the space, power supply and cooling as well as integration into the infrastructure management.

We know that no two data centers are the same. A customized solution adjusted to different requirements is a constant requirement.

The answer: a modular building box. It is fast to install, cost-effective and future-proof. Emerson Network Power provides optimized and harmonized standard components that can be selected, set up and changed as required; making the data center expandable.

Enter Knurr DCM. Standard modules for space, power, cooling and infrastructure management that are harmonized with one another in such a way that they remain freely combinable with one another and can be adjusted to every requirement.

All these elements provide “one common look and feel”: the energy-efficient SmartAisle™ from Emerson Network Power.

  • Perforated front door
  • Rear side perforated double door
  • Special 19" server extrusions for mounting all trade standard 19" servers
  • Components in acc. with IEC 60297
  • Cable entry via top cover and bottom cover
  • Cable entry on the top cover, can be completely removed at the rear, allowing top cover removal and replacement after cabling
  • Mobile version with heavy duty castors
  • Jumpering space: Front, 80 mm
  • Load rating:
    • 15.000 N static
    • 10.000 N mobile in data center with load
  • Protection rating: IP 20
  • Tests:
    • Equipotential bonding and grounding in acc. with DIN EN 60950
    • IP test in acc. with DIN EN 60529
    • Airflow circulation: Perforation: 83 %
  • Material / Finish:
    • Basic rack: extruded aluminum, polished
    • Corner piece: die-cast aluminum, polished
    • Doors: sheet steel, powder-coat textured
    • Covers: zinc-passivated sheet steel, powder-coated texture
  • Color:
    • Visible surface of covers: RAL 7021 dark gray
  • Supply schedule:
    • 1 basic frame
    • 4 19" server extrusions, sheet steel incl. U numbering
    • 2 side panels with quick connectors
    • 1 top cover with cable entry (three-piece sliding plates, can also be opened completely)
    • 1 front door, single, perforated with handle and mounting for cylinder lock
    • 1 rear door, double, perforated, sheet steel, with handle and mounting for cylinder lock
    • 4 leveling feet (stationary & mobile version)
    • 2 castors mountings with heavy duty castors with integrated cable entry (mobile version)
    • 1 complete earthing set
  • How supplied: Assembled

The right rack size for every application – worldwide –  Knürr Data Center Module

The Knürr DCM is the globally available rack platform from Emerson Network Power. Useful for global standardization in data center planning.

Cooling racks, power racks and server racks on the basis of the Knürr DCM® platform guarantee integration into the rack suite.

Metric dimensions
For global application

Safe and stable
Earthquake-tested Knürr DCM version available on request

  • Lighter aluminum frame; can be taken apart
  • Easier transport because lighter and take-apart
  • Tilt restraint integration
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly:
  • More space and safety with integrated tilt restraint
  • Ideally integrated into the rack
  • Maximum safety against tilt over
  • 42 + 6 usable HU -  Width 800 mm / Height 2000 mm
  • More space due to six additional vertical HU (48 usable in the rack; width 800mm/height 2000 mm)
  • More air with the biggest possible perforation; 83 % perforation in flow cross-section