InstaRack Server - Ready to assemble Server Rack


InstaRack Server

Ready-to-assemble Server Rack


​Emerson Network Power’s Racks and Integrated Solutions provide a complete line of high quality rack enclosures able to respond to the most critical IT needs and dynamic network requirements.

The ready-to-assemble InstaRack Server is designed to meet your server rack enclosure needs, offering all of the advantages of an easy to install and cost-effective modular solution. Our rack enclosure offers stability with a 800 kg load carrying capacity.

Available in 12 standard sizes, InstaRack comes with a new design and vertically separated side panels which helps make installed equipment more accessible and cabling easier to manage. Furthermore, front and rear doors enable maximum air flow circulation.

  • 19” server rack featuring IP20 protection class
  • Steel construction design with removable side panels
  • Perforated single-leaf steel sheet door at the front and perforated double-leaf steel sheet door at the back
  • Special 19” profiles for mounting all standard 19” components.
  • Large floor clearance
  • Cable entry via bottom and top
  • Break-out openings for cable entry and fans are positioned in the top cover of the InstaRack Server.

Rapid & Easy Assembly
InstaRack with only 30 minutes of installation time required allows for fast and easy assembly whilst providing a high degree of stability.

Flat Pack Packaging Solution
InstaRack Server’s intelligent design allows it to be flat-packed, minimizing transport and storage costs as well as making it an assembly-friendly solution for restricted-access environments.

Loading Capacity
InstaRack features a stable 19” frame that can securely carry loads up to 800 kg.

Flexible Cabling
Frameless architecture eliminates the need for cable threading allowing for optimal cable management.

Easily Accessible
Vertically separated side panels provide easy handling with fast and simple access to installed equipment.

Tool-less Installation
No need for tools when installing Rack PDU MPH2, which makes installation more efficient.

Optimized Airflow
Its large perforated surface optimizes air ventilation for single components either in a single rack or in rows of racks.