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19" Network Racks – Network Cabinets

The Knürr Miracel® Network Rack is the true multi-talent oriented towards your needs.
This platform technology is the basis for a versatile and high-grade rack range, which,
as a well-rounded solution for the most diverse requirements, satisfies the standards
of your IT and Network Landscape.
The ready-to-assemble network rack ensures fast and easy installation, flexible cabling and simplified accessibility.
The network cabinet offers sufficient space between the 19" shelves and the side wall, and also allows the installation of PDUs and cable management components.​​​​​
Width 800 mm | Height 42 U - Front glass door, mounting hole extrusions

This version of the Knürr Rack® System is prepared for applications in industrial enviroment, factories. It is completely closed and offers an IP rating of IP 55.