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Knürr DCD


Knurr DCD Heat Exchanger

Knürr DCD is an air - water heat exchanger that is integrated into the rear door of a server rack. The heat exchanger is suitable for absorbing heat loads from server racks of up to 35 kW. It can be configured in such way that no heat is released to the installation area.Cooling effect occurs when the server exhaust air passes through the heat exchanger in the rear section of the server rack.

The cooling air is moved through the heat exchanger only by the server fans. Knürr DCD thereby supports the cold room concept in which is the warm exhaust air from servers always led to a cooling device where its temperature is reduced to the temperature level of the server supply air. The supply air for chilled water system flows freely through the installation area.

  • Rear door heat exchanger 
  • No fans
  • Easy maintenance
  • Improved PUE
  • Suggested to be used in a cold-room concept 
  • Low air pressure loss 
  • No fans 
  • Increased chilled water supply temperature
  • Reliable operation guaranteed by water-conducting hinges
Technical Data
 Depth:   120mm (incl. hinges 150mm)
 Cooling capacity:  up to 35kW (suited for sensitive cooling only)
 Pressure loss (air):  35Pa (at 4,900m³/h)
 Pressure loss (water):  54kPa (at 5m³/h)
 Chilled water supply:  12°C
 Chilled water return:  18°C
 Server supply air temperature:   23°C
Chilled water volume flow:  5m³/h at 35kW
 Water connection:  1“ female thread from below (optionally from above)
 Condensate drain:  5/8“ (Note: Not for dehumidifying the installation area!)
 Absolute humidity/ room air:  max. 8g water per 1 kg of air (others on request)
 Dew-point temperature:  max. 10.5°C
 Material:  Sheet steel
 Heat exchanger:  Copper piping with aluminum lamellas
 Color/color code:  X: 8 = RAL 7021 (black gray) / 1 = RAL 7035 (light gray)