MPE – Rack PDU


​MPE – Rack PDU 

​Provides reliable power distribution for use in very high-spec data centers.
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​The MPE Rack PDU is a power distribution unit for data center applications. It provides all the requisite functionality of a rack-based power distribution unit and ensures that power is distributed reliably. It can be connected up to all manner of IT equipment and other sensitive devices.
  • Operating temperature up to 60°C
  • Ultra-small yet robust aluminum housing
  • Input cable with an extra-large wire diameter
  • 20 A overload switches on all 32 A models
  • Anti-removal safeguard on all IEC60320 outputs
  • Simple tool-free installation in server racks

​Focus on high availability:

  • Specially developed for high power density and very high operating temperatures.
  • Prevents early shutdowns at high temperatures and in the event of peaks in starting current.
  • The IEC60320 connecting cable cannot be pulled out accidentally.
  • Robust aluminum housing boosts the PDU’s mechanical stability.
  • The use of cables with an extra-large wire diameter prevents an overload on the neutral conductor.
Faster installation and lower operating costs:
  • Simple physical and electrical installation helps reduce costs.
  • The unit can be supplied preinstalled in a rack, meaning no additional work is required on site.
  • A flexible cable infeed makes it easier to install the unit in a rack.
  • Its very flat design, including for the overload switches, leaves as much space as possible for installing other components and more space for airflow in the rack.
  • Fixed-connection models enable the input cable to be connected up at the customer’s premises to suit specific requirements.
  • “SpeedMount” function for installation in a Knürr DCM/InstaRack saves time and money when installing on site.
  • Wide variety of models, with infeeds up to three-phase 32 A and a range of different outputs. Country-specific variants also available for Schuko, the UK and Switzerland.


​​Elementary Rack PDU MPE 
Product Types EMEA
​​ Input Values Input plug​ Outputs IEC320/ Schuko​ ​​ ​​ Length Order no.​
Voltage Current ​​ C13 C19 Schuko (mm) ​​
​100-240V ​16A ​C20 inlet ​18 ​3 ​826,5 MPE-3141
​100-240V ​16A ​C20 inlet​ ​24 ​826,5 ​​MPE-3241
​230V ​16A ​IEC 60309 16A 1P+N+G ​18 ​3 ​826,5 ​​MPE-3142
​230V ​16A ​IEC 60309 16A 1P+N+G 24​ ​826,5 ​​MPE-3242
​230V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 1P+N+G ​36 ​6 ​1736,5 ​​MPE-1243
​​230V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 1P+N+G ​24 ​6 ​3 1736,5​ ​​MPE-1543
​​230V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 1P+N+G ​18 ​1736,5 ​​MPE-1643
​​230V ​32A ​Hardwired ​36 ​6 ​1736,5 MPE-​1260
​​230V ​32A ​Hardwired 36​ ​6 ​3 ​1736,5 ​​MPE-1560
​​230V ​32A ​Hardwired 18​ ​1736,5 MPE-​1660
​230/400V ​16A IEC 60309 16A 3P+N+G​ ​36 12​ 1736,5​ ​​MPE-1144
​​230/400V ​16A IEC 60309 16A 3P+N+G​​ 36​ ​6 3​ 1736,5​ ​​MPE-​1444
​​230/400V ​16A ​IEC 60309 16A 3P+N+G​ 18​ ​1736,5 MPE-​1644
​​230/400V ​16A ​Hardwired ​36 ​12 ​1736,5 MPE-1161
​​230/400V ​16A ​Hardwired ​36 ​6 ​3 ​1736,5 MPE-​1461
​​230/400V ​16A​ ​Hardwired ​18 1736,5​ MPE-1661
​​230/400V ​32A IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+G​​ 36​ ​6 ​1736,5 MPE-​1245
​​230/400V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+G​​​ ​24 ​12 1736,5​ MPE-​1345
​​230/400V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+G​​​ ​24 6​ 3​ 1736,5​ MPE-​1545
​​230/400V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+G​​​ 18​ 1736,5​ MPE-​1645
​​230/400V ​32A ​IEC 60309 32A 3P+N+G​​​ ​48 1736,5​ MPE-​1745
​​230/400V ​32A Hardwired​ ​36 ​6 1736,5​ MPE-1262
​​230/400V ​32A Hardwired​ 24​ ​12 ​1736,5 MPE-​1362
​​230/400V ​32A ​Hardwired ​24 ​6 ​3 ​1736,5 MPE-1562
​​​230/400V ​32A ​Hardwired ​18 ​1736,5 MPE-​1662
​​​230/400V ​32A ​Hardwired ​48 1736,5​ MPE-​1762