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Knürr PowerTrans 19" Power Distribution Rack

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Knurr PowerTrans Disribution Rack

The Knürr PowerTrans® Rack is the interface between the low voltage feed and the Power Distribution Unit (PDU) of the Knürr DI-STRIP® family, as well as other Emerson Network Power PDUs for supplying servers and further IT devices.

The power distribution is performed in the individual plug-in units and therefore no longer has to be installed fixed in the building.

Up to 8 plug-in units can be integrated. Each plug-in unit is supplied with an A and B feed (redundancy). With max. 250 A/phase loads of up to 329 kVA can be supplied from just one single rack.

Equipping and installation

The outputs on the plug-in units can be flexibly configured according to customer requirements via various plug connections, type CEE and GST 18. (e.g. BladePower® or PizzaPower®, DI-STRIP® TriplePower®, and flexible distribution with the GST18i5 distributor block, 3-phase).

Two 3-phase feeds

  • Feed A and feed B both threephase with max. 250A/phase L1, L2, L3, N, PE
  • Ideal for providing feed redundancies

Cable routing

Convenient cable routing from above and below.


Only the main feed on the rack must be installed by an electrician. The individual plug-in units and the PDUs can be connected per Plug & Play installation, thereby allowing later extensions to be performed cost-effectively.

Knürr PowerTrans 19" Power Distribution Rack
  • Feed of 2 separate 3-phase 400V mains, L1, L2, L3, N, PE
  • Each with a 250A circuit breaker in the input
  • Distribution to the individual plugs via busbars and contact-safe plug-in connections
  • Up to 8 slot-in units with A feed and B feed are possible
Material / Finish
  • Basic rack, extruded aluminum, polished
  • Corner piece, die-cast aluminum, polished
  • Glass infill front door, single safety glass panel, 4mm
  • Covers, zinc-passivated sheet steel, powdercoated texture<
  • RAL 7021 dark gray
Supply schedule
  • 1 rack with covers and front door
  • 1 plinth for cable entry on the side and rear with leveling feet (0-25mm)
  • 2 plinth trims for front and rear, with vent slots and fixing for filter mat
  • 2 plinth trims, closed
  • 1 set of busbars, safe from contact for A feed and B feed
  • 2 circuit breakers with max. 250 A
  • 16 power supply plugs for the slot-in units wired on the busbars
  • 5 multifunctional braces with jumper bracket
  • 2 19" T-slot extrusions
  • 16 chassis rails
  • 1 complete earthing set
  • 1 complete locking set
How supplied
  • Assembled
Knürr PowerTrans 19" Chassis
  • 19" slot-in housing
  • Width 19"
  • Height 3 U
  • Depth 480 mm
  • Color: RAL 7021 dark gray
  • 2 separate 3-phase inputs with max. 63A phase current
  • Outputs acc. to variants 1-4
    Variant 1 Plug-in
    • 2 protected 3-phase outputs, 230V/400V 32A via IEC60309 socket, 3Ph/N/PE 6h, red
    • Suitable for connecting 2 PizzaPower 3-phase (03.631.021.1) or 2 BladePower 3-phase (03.630.015.1)


    Variant 2 Plug-in
    • 4 protected 1-phase outputs, 230V 32A via IEC60309 socket, 1Ph/N/PE 6h, blue
    • Suitable for connecting 4 PizzaPower 1-phase (03.631.007.1) or 4 BladePower 1-phase (03.630.005.1)


    Variant 3 Plug-in
    • 6 protected 1-phase outputs 230V/400V 16A via GST18i5 Euro installed socket, 3Ph
    • Suitable for connecting GST18i5 distributor block, 3-phase (, for flexible distribution to 1-phase socket strips) as well as connecting a TriplePower 3-phase (03.600.024.1 or 03.600.048.1)


    Variant 4 Plug-in
    • Empty housing
    • For customer-specific equipping


    How supplied
    • Assembled
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