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Lock System

@Lock Mechanical locking systems offer different types of locks for Rack Monitoring Security, like: Lock MLR 1000, BlueID Lock, Administrated Lock.
​Plain Mechanical Lock provides combination swing handle with particularly special advantages: swing handle with two activation options, general key function with Racks suites, custom right and left door position.

The @Lock MLR1000 Basic Electromagnetic Lock is suitable for applications in data center rooms. @Lock MLR1000 can be used for several custom applications, can be connected to external contact interfaces of RMS or used to extend the BlueID solution.

Conventional keys are replaced by electromechanical locking components. Intended for standardized installation openings of conventional swing handle.

​With access clearance at the push of a button on the mobile phone carrying keys, comfortably unlock Rack door, BlueID lock system module verifies access permissions and unlocks Rack or Cold Aisle Containment doors