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Liebert HPD Dry Cooler

Outdoor units that dissipate the heat coming from water-cooled (water or glycol mixture up to a 40% concentration) direct expansion indoor units.

Highly Efficient, Reliable Heat Performance Dry Cooler

Liebert HPD of Emerson Network Power dissipate the heat coming from water-cooled direct expansion indoor units. Specifically designed for High Performance Air Conditioning (HPAC) applications, Liebert HPD outdoor units can operate with water or glycol mixture up to a 40% concentration.

If connected to Liebert indoor FREECOOLER units, they can use low temperature outside environments to cool the room without using the compressors. Resulting energy savings can be up to 30% per year.

  • Modulating fan speed control with single set point
  • Modulating fan speed control with double set point for free cooling operation, to switch between summer mode (compressor working) to winter mode (free cooling operation)
  • Epoxy-coated coil
  • Hydraulic connections flange kits (for three-phase models, single-phase models are provided with threaded hydraulic connections)
  • Can be installed either horizontally or vertically, with simple operation to be done on site
  • Equipped with heat exchangers made with oval copper tubes
  • Design improves the heat exchanger capacity versus drycoolers with traditional coil geometries
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