Liebert HPC-R Air-Cooled Water Chiller Range


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Highly Flexible Air-Cooled Water Chillers Up to 350kW Capacity

HPC-R units are equipped with a new generation of scroll compressors up to 30hp, which can deliver highly uniform compression to obtain a fully reliable, efficient and silent chiller.

Liebert HPC-R incorporates the “intelligent” MICROFACE control device, which controls the chiller by keeping the temperature of the cooling liquid within absolutely precise values, and which ensures accurate alarm monitoring, both locally onboard the machine and remotely through the most popular BMS systems.

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HPC-R is a versatile chiller with distinctive features:
  • Radial instead of centrifugal fans, with consequent benefits in terms of efficiency
  • The electric motor transmits motion directly to the fan, avoiding the typical transmission losses of a belt-pulley system
  • Flexibility: the possibility to rotate at modulated rather than constant speed allows radial fan to adapt perfectly to changing environmental conditions; moreover, air can be released through the top, the front or the back of the chiller, with a simple operation that can be performed on site
  • Low noise: noise emission is minimized during the airflow regulation stages
  • Integrated free-cooling for substantial energy saving. The system can exploit the low temperature of outdoor air to cool water, completely or partially avoiding the use of compressors, which are very expensive in terms of power.
  • Wide power range (40-350 kW) to meet the different installation requirements, and capacity to work at temperatures from -25°C to 46°C.