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Data Center Chiller

These chillers provide dedicated, capacity-matched cooling, proper temperature and waterflow, and year-round operation for heat-generating medical or industrial equipment. The pre-packaged systems are easy to install, and are easy to relocate when site needs change.

Chillers providing cooling capacity from 340kW to 1200kW.
​The Liebert® AFC adiabatic freecooling chiller combines three key cooling technologies: adiabatic, freecooling and mechanical cooling.
A new family of air-cooled water chillers with radial fans, power capacity up to 350kW and integrated free-cooling. These features make Liebert chillers highly flexible, efficient and silent.
Chiller providing cooling capacity from 40kW to 350kW.
High-efficiency water-cooled chiller with a capacity range between 280-1200kW.
Liebert HPC-M is the new Emerson Network Power product line of air-cooled chillers, from 350 to 800 kW, designed to combine the best performance in terms of efficiency and reliability with the lowest impact on the environment.



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