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​ASCO Series 336 Paralleling System

Revolutionary Design

At the core of the 336 Paralleling System is a field proven closed transition transfer switch (CTTS). This is a highly reliable mechanism that studies have shown to have more endurance life than competitive products. Incorporating advanced components into the 336 Paralleling System help make it a superior alternative to conventional circuit breaker-based systems.
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Sophisticated functionality
Using AC power from the generators to switch the CTTS with the latest control system technology, the 336 Paralleling System can detect and recover accordingly from common problems and automatically start the next generator in the system. This design technique eliminates the need for costly and maintenance-prone lead-acid batteries often found in conventional switchgear systems.



ASCO innovation has also led to the development of a Power Management option with a robust tool set that improves overall operation and efficiency.

  • Load Management – A unique feature that allows for up to four levels of load control. Priority one loads are given maxi­mum protection by allowing lower priority loads (four, three, and then two) to shed first.  
  • Generator Management – The 336 Paralleling System’s generator management feature will automatically start and stop generators as needed to maintain a preset spinning reserve or safety margin between the actual load consumed and the total power available from all running generators.
  • Start Next Generator on Alarm – The 336 Paralleling System automatically communicates with the genset control system to seamlessly maintain your critical loads.
  •  Run Time Management – With this capability, generators can be set to automatically start and stop to control run time.