Liebert OpenComms EM Environmental Monitor


Liebert OpenComms EM Environmental Monitor

Environmental Monitoring and Reporting

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The Liebert OpenComms EM environmental monitor is a compact, half-duplex device designed to monitor data center insfrastructure temperature, humidity, water detection and contact closure and notify personnel when those conditions exceed user-defined limits.

The Liebert OpenComms EM data center monitoring solution is available in several models, which vary in size and number and types of ports. All models have sensor ports to monitor temperature, humidity, water detection and contact closure, and all models have either an external or built-in temperature/humidity sensor. The Liebert OpenComms EM supports a 10Mbit Ethernet connection and provides the following functionality: Web interface using HTTP, user authentication, e-mail and paging notification, SNMP support including Nform and graphing.

  • Liebert OpenComms EM controller takes up zero U rack space and can support any combination of two sensors. The supported sensors are temperature, humidity, temperature and humidity combination and contact closure.
  • Liebert EM PDU controller version has two sensor ports and two serial ports for connection to the Liebert Managed Power Advanced Power Strips. It takes up zero U rack space.
  • Liebert vEM-14 controller is a 1U rack mountable device that uses the same sensors and has the same features as the Liebert OpenComms EM controller but with additional inputs. A built in temperature and humidity sensor allows for the monitoring of the local temperature and humidity without the use of one of the sensor ports. The vEM-14 has 4 sensor ports, two serial ports, one internal temperature and humidity sensor and ten dry contact inputs through the use of screw terminals.

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