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Avocent Universal Management Gateway

Infrastructure Management Appliance

​The Avocent Universal Management Gateway is the first data center appliance that enables true, real-time, integrated monitoring, access and control across IT and facilities systems in the data center.
Ordering Details
Description Part Number
UMG 4000 40P(AS) 512SP 5000DP UMG4000-400
UMG 4000 40P(AS) 512SP 5000DP-GVT UMG4000-G01
UMG 6000 40P(AS) 1024SP 10KDP UMG6000-400
UMG 6000 40P(AS) 1024SP 10KDP-GVT UMG6000-G01
Converter for multimode fiber with range of 720ft (220m) or 1800ft (550m) FMCMMGB-001
Converter for single mode fiber with range of 15km (9.3miles) FMCSMGB-001
Description Part Number
1 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG4000 1YSLV-UMG4000
2 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG4000 2YSLV-UMG4000
4 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG4000 4YSLV-UMG4000
1 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG4000 1YGLD-UMG4000
2 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG4000 2YGLD-UMG4000
4 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG4000 4YGLD-UMG4000
1 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG6000 1YSLV-UMG6000
2 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG6000 2YSLV-UMG6000
4 YR SLV HW Maintenance UMG6000 4YSLV-UMG6000
1 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG6000 1YGLD-UMG6000
2 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG6000 2YGLD-UMG6000
4 YR GLD HW Maintenance UMG6000 4YGLD-UMG6000
Media Retention UMG4000 MEDIA-UMG4000
Media Retention UMG6000 MEDIA-UMG6000

​The Avocent® Universal Management Gateway appliance is the first converged management appliance that enables remote management of any device, in any location, from any vendor, at any time in a secure, centralized manner. It extends the competence of skilled, capable data center administrators by helping them standardize on a proven toolkit that delivers industry-leading security for Service Processor management. 

Industry-leading Security: The Universal Management Gateway appliance secures embedded Service Processors by providing the ability to physically segment them from your production network; in doing so, it acts like a gateway between the external network and the system, thus Service Processors are no longer directly accessible from the network – reducing risk.

Additional security is provided with the availability of FIPS 140-2 Certified cryptographic modules. When enabled, these modules provide encryption for all SSH transmissions.

High Availability: Access, control, and management systems must be trustworthy, and the Universal Management Gateway is. Built on a multi-generational platform, it’s designed to ensure a direct path to data center infrastructure that’s always-on, always-available, and accessible from whenever, wherever.

Streamlined Management: Exclusively, the Universal Management Gateway appliance uses proven technology to deliver a single, unified approach for data center and IT infrastructure. The appliance integrates Digital KVM, Serial Console, Service Processor and Environmental Management in a single-U platform, enabling customers to experience complete data center access and monitoring. No system can manage and monitor a multi-vendor environment like the Universal Management Gateway, which delivers the broadest Service Processor support in the industry.

Features and Benefits

Industry Leading Security

  • Centralized Service Processor Password Management
  • FIPS 140-2 Compliant, certificate numbers 2473 & 1279​
  • HTML5 KVM Session Viewer
  • HTML5 WebUI

Streamlined Management

  • Comprehensive DCIM platform in a single pane of glass
  • Convenient single U chassis – reduced rack space and footprint
  • Complete connectivity (IPMI, SNMP, OPC, Modbus, BACnet, Velocity)
  • Physical sensor aggregation
  • Easy installation across various remote access technologiesUp to 40 simultaneous KVM sessions
  • Up to 1024 Service Processors; wide variety of servers managed
  • Up to 40 full auto-sensing ports

KVM and SPM capability per port (using the UMIQ-V2)
High Availability

  • Data collection – up to 10,000 data points per minute
  • Real-time information across IT and facilities
Model Comparison
  UMG4000 UMG6000
Service Processor Management
Serial Console Management
Digital KVM ​✔
Environmental Monitoring (Sensors) ​✔
Number of Access Ports 40 40
Number of Consecutive KVM Users 40 40
Digital KVMAuto-sensing Ports ​40 40
Service Processors Supported ​510 1024
Data Collection (datapoints/minute) ​5000 10000
Storage (RAID1 Mirroring) ​2 x 250GB 2 x 250GB
Networking 2 x 1GB 2 x 1GB
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