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Aperture Capacity Manager

Aligns business forecasts with the curr​ent state and consumption trends for the infrastructure based on analysis of historical usage patterns to help IT proactively manage data center capacity and economically plan expansion and consolidation.
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Trends toward high-density computing and new technologies have created new levels of complexity. IT managers must manage the interdependencies between space, power and cooling as well as network port availability and other infrastructure resources. In addition, the time needed to expand capacity (between 6 and 24 months) and the impact of exceeding the capacity “ceiling” of these resources, disruptions in service or delays in rolling out critical systems, significantly complicate matters further.

Aperture Capacity Manager enables data center management to gain valuable insight and control of the current and future usage of data center resources. It ensures that the data center can economically support the current and future requirements of the business. Aperture Capacity Manager provides reports and process to give the ideal level of management and control of the data center. Capacity reporting features provide IT management and operations insight into the current state and consumption trends for the infrastructure of each data center in the Aperture repository. Project pipeline management provides clarity around how and when infrastructure will be used, and allow budgeting of data center resources.

New Features with Version 650

Capacity Manager now enables space resource discovery and hierarchical views that serve as dashboards and reporting data sources. The new optional category provides added infrastructure qualification and enables alignment to the organization or business service. The new applications are used to manage/modify category capacity parameters and threshold data.

Virtualization integrates capacity management with virtual management servers (VMware and MS VMM) to enable reconciliation of virtual processes to physical hosts within the data center environment and provides the ability for trending capability of the virtual estate over time, based on daily values.

Dashboards-at-a-glance provide an intuitive snapshot of efficiency metrics that enable a quick assessment of DCIM performance. The embedded dashboard widgets are configurable for new data sources and are reused to represent other relevant measured values and key performance indicators, with no additional reporting license costs.


Using Aperture Capacity Manager, organizations are able to:

  • For​ecast future application pipelines to predict the consumption of data center resources
  • Determine when data center resources will run out across all data centers
  • Understand future trends based on past use and report on key capacity metrics
  • Minimize the risks associated with outages or service disruption
  • Manage overall power usage and power used by branches within the distribution chain (i.e. breaker positions)
  • Control space usage with regards to rack space availability and floor space
  • Oversee overall network switch port availability
  • Direct the capacity of data center staff to perform equipment installs
  • Balance supply of infrastructure resources to meet business demands
  • Track critical infrastructure usage and metrics over time
  • Provide lead-time for future data center planning
  • Accurately understand the trends for virtual assets over time via integration with VMware and Microsoft Virtual Machine Manager, enabling reconciliation of virtual processes to physical hosts
  • Spot underutilized rack space with hierarchical views of space that provide more detailed insight into data center capacity
  • Identify infrastructure in the context of discrete categories, such as denoting a server as belonging to a particular department, organizational group or function

Obtain a Holistic View of the Data Center
Aperture Capacity Manager leverages the information stored in the Aperture Configuration Manager Repository to perform analysis of data center capacities.


Aperture Capacity Manager provides IT management with the information required to ensure the delivery of services, manage costs and make better business decisions in today's complex data center.