Communication Cards


Communication Cards

Data center monitoring cards provide monitoring and control of your equipment. The cards manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications, transmitting data over the network.

Liebert IntelliSlot Web Card is a hardware UPS that delivers SNMP, Telnet and web-management capability for enhanced communications and control of Liebert UPS, precision cooling or power management systems.

Liebert IntelliSlot Unity Communications Interface Card​ provides Trellis™, LIFE™ Technology and Liebert Nform enablement as well as Web access and third-party customer protocols for Emerson Network Power equipment. The cards employ Ethernet and RS-485 networks to monitor and manage a wide range of operating parameters, alarms and notifications. ​​​​​​

Allows monitoring and control of Liebert equipment through Liebert SiteScan Web or your existing Building Management System. It supports the open protocol standard of RTU Modbus.
Data center monitoring solution that provides contact closures for remote monitoring of Liebert UPS systems equipped with Intellislot communication port. The card is user-installable and hot-swappable.
Liebert IntelliSlot MultiPort unit
communicates the On Battery and Low Battery status of a single UPS to connected PC's, servers, or workstations. The user-installable, hot-swappable card provides UPS monitoring communications to a host computer and up to four additional computer systems with the Liebert IntelliRack multiplexing unit or UPS systems equipped with the Liebert Intellislot communication port.
ManageUPS NET Adapter provides an open approach to management of network power. ManageUPS delivers a complete set of manageability options including SNMP, WEB, Telnet, data loggin, event logging and shutdown of multiple servers via TCPIP network connection. Event messages are offered as email as well as SNMP Traps - a truly versatile tool for managing UPS systems in a network environment.