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Electric Fire Pump Controllers (600V max.)

Full service Firetrol® Fire Pump Controllers are factory assembled, wired and tested as a unit , completely conforming to the latest edition of NFPA-20, Installation of Stationary Pumps for Fire Protection and NFPA-70 (National Electrical Code). Firetrol controllers are listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc., in accordance with UL218, Standard for Fire Pump Controllers, and approved by Factory Mutual (FM)*.

Electric Fire Pump Controllers in general are classified by starting method, as full voltage or reduced voltage starting. The distinguishing factor in these starting methods is the amount of current (amperage) that is drawn by the motor during its initial starting process (inrush). The inrush amperage can be generally expressed as a factor of the motor full load amperage. The normal power source must be able to handle the current inrush that occurs during starting. If the fire pump is to be operated from an emergency power source, such as a generator set, the emergency source must also be able to handle the current inrush.

Some types of reduced voltage starting require a motor specifically wound for that type of starting. It is the pump suppliers responsibility to provide the correct type motor for the starting method you specify.

* Limited Service Controllers are not FM Approved, and FTA3100 Variable Speed Fire Pump Controllers are not FM approved at this time.

Firetrol® FTA740 Single Phase Limited Service Controllers are intended for use with small electric motor driven fire pumps where the capacity of the power source permits full voltage starting. Full voltage is applied to the motor as soon as the controller is actuated. The controller monitors, displays and records fire pump system information.
Where they are acceptable to the authority having jurisdiction, Firetrol® FTA750 Limited Service Controllers may be used for the automatic control of small electrically driven fire pumps and booster pumps.
Full voltage starting is simple, preferred, and the lowest cost whenever the utility or generator will permit this type of starting method.
Firetrol® FTA1250 Part -  Winding Starting Fire Pump Controllers can be used where the characteristics of the power source do not permit full voltage starting. Please note that this starting method requires a specially wound motor.
Firetrol® FTA1300 Wye-Delta, Open Transition Starting Fire Pump Controllers are used with delta-wound squirrel cage motors.
Firetrol® FTA1350 Wye-Delta, Closed Transition Starting Fire Pump Controllers are used with delta-wound squirrel cage motors. Closed transition controllers are preferred for use with Automatic Power Transfer Switches.
FTA1500 controllers use resistors in the line to reduce line voltage when starting the fire pump motors.
FTA1800 controllers use an autotransformer to supply reduced voltage when starting the motor. This is a closed transition starter and is preferred for use with Automatic Power Transfer Switches.
Improved level of hydromechanical performance can be found in the Firetrol® FTA1930 Solid State Starting Fire Pump Controllers. They feature soft start, soft stop and system sensing capabilities that provide for reduced voltage starting.
Firetrol,® FTA3100 variable speed electric fire pump controllers provide a variable frequency drive (VFD) in a PID process control loop to control the speed of a centrifugal pump to limit the system pressure in a fire sprinkler system.

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