EnergyMaster Supervision Modules for AC, Batteries, etc


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EnergyMaster SM Units

Supervision Modules for Generic Monitoring


Optional supervision modules for battery management, AC management and management of other equipment such as inverters, fire alarms, climate units etc. The supervision modules can be connected to the advanced control unit (ACU+) or to the site monitoring unit (DPU).

The supervision modules provide detailed information and alarms regarding:

  • Te battery backup condition at the telecom site (SM BAT)
  • The condition and status of the telecom site's AC supply and backup generator (SM AC)
  • The condition and status of auxiliary equipment such as climate units, inverters, building alarms etc (SM IO)

Based on this information, site visits and maintenance related to the battery backup, the AC & standby generator and the auxiliary units can be optimized to save both time and money, especially for sites located remotely.

  • Large number of inputs and outputs
  • Fits all standard sensors
  • RS 485 communication
  • Reduce Operational cost
  • Increased Network Reliability
  • Efficient Energy Network Planning

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