NetSure Systems for AC and DC Powered Applications


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NetSure Systems for AC and DC applications

Highly efficient systems combining both AC and DC in one cabinet. Based on the reliable and efficient NetSure platform with TSI inverters.

The NetSure™ DC systems for AC and DC applications are designed for telecom and datacom sites, or anywhere an efficient and highly reliable backup is needed. Thanks to the compact system architecture, one cabinet can house both inverter and rectifier modules, AC and DC distribution units, as well as batteries in some designs. Configurations are available for NetSure 501, NetSure 701 and can be customized for NetSure 5100.

The NetSure 7100 Converged AC and DC system is a more powerful system, offering extended AC power and includes the new NetSure Control Unit (NCU) which enables DC load current measurement. This configuration is also described under NetSure 7100 Converged.

NetSure DC systems configured with TSI inverters and eSure™ rectifiers provide the most efficient combined AC and DC system on the market today with >95% system efficiency.

  • Compact system for AC & DC loads
  • Fully ready for installation & Commissioning
  • Only one alarm interface for AC & DC supervision
  • Available with eSure rectifiers if combined with NetSure Series DC Power Supply
  • Available with 750VA (NOVA) or 1500VA (MEDIA) or 2500VA (BRAVO) TSI inverters
  • Industry leading efficiency and reliability
  • Flexible system design - can be configured with NetSure 501, NetSure 701, NetSure 7100, customized with NetSure 5100 and equipped with 750VA, 1500VA or 2500 TSI inverters
  • Space saving thanks to compact system architecture
  • Easily expandable with additional rectifiers and inverters
  • Seamless modularity as there is no need for external static-switch

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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