NetSure 7100 - For AC and DC Powered Applications


NetSure 7100 Converged

The Converged AC and DC power system hosts both rectifiers and inverters and is designed for small telecom central office and data center sites that operate both AC and DC loads providing maximal power flexibility for various site needs.
The converged NetSure™ 7100 Series of -48V DC power systems delivers outstanding reliability within a modular, scalable cabinet that houses both AC and DC power. This easy to use system occupies a minimal footprint and eliminates the need for separate AC and DC backup since rectifiers and inverters can be fed from the same battery bank. TSI™ inverters bridge the shortcomings of static switch architecture. Power can be scaled in 3,2 or 3,5 kW increments up to 42 kW, along with inverters in 750 VA or 2,5 kVA increments up to 20 kVA — all in one cabinet. Distribution units can be added, swapped or removed on live sites, making system expansions a standard procedure. Power supply extensions can be made safe-and-easy, without compromising reliability.
  • Common battery bank designed to feed both rectifiers and inverters, minimizing system footprint, maintenance and investment
  • Individual current measurement feature displays current reading for each fuse/circuit breaker
  • Remote IO terminals are easily accessible for adding new alarm signals safely
  • Cabinet efficiency >99,7% from rectifier output to distribution output enabling maximum system efficiency >96,2% from grid to load
  • Remote battery management and load control functions minimize the dependency of reactive site call-outs
  • TSI™ inverters bridge static switch shortcomings with ‘electronic switch’ functionality that provides redundancy in N+1 configurations

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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