DC to AC Inverter Systems

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DC-AC Inverter Systems

Systems that convert DC power to AC power for powering critical equipment.

The Inverter Pack solution is a compact 19” inverter subrack based on 750VA (NOVA), 2500VA (BRAVO) or 500VA (VEDA) TSI inverters. The inverter pack an easily be integrated into an existing cabinet. Once installed the system can easily be expanded with additional inverters when required.

Highly efficient systems combining both AC and DC in one cabinet. Based on the reliable and efficient NetSure platform with TSI inverters.
The Converged AC and DC power system hosts both rectifiers and inverters and is designed for small telecom central office and data center sites that operate both AC and DC loads providing maximal power flexibility for various site needs.

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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