NetSure 5100 - Small 48V DC Power System


NetSure 5100 Series

The NetSure™ 5000 platform is designed for full flexibility with a wide variety of configurations for various wireless access sites as well as for fixed network applications.

There are configurations withstanding up to 65 ˚C without deration as well as several designs for hybrid applications with plug-and-play capability for rectifiers, solar converters and DC-DC converters.


The NetSure™ 5100 Series is a high density -48 VDC power solution with an advanced control unit utilizing 2000 W high-efficiency eSure™ rectifiers and solar converters, designed to work in harsh conditions. Solutions for legacy support using 24 VDC converters are also available. The system is available in 19” and 23” racks, supporting from 6 to 24KW, with all solutions providing a multi-function battery and distribution unit. NetSure 5100 is designed for full flexibility and is suitable for a wide range of applications, whether it is in a small office in a controlled environment supporting traditional telecom services or in an enclosure in the jungle providing support for an wireless access node.

  • High Efficiency — 96.2% efficient eSure™ rectifiers ensure optimized total cost of ownership
  • Wide Operating Temperature Range — -40 °C to +80 °C, up to +65 °C without derating, enabling CAPEX and OPEX savings on climate systems in outdoor applications
  • Decreases CapEx — Supports up to three load disconnect levels (LVD) enabling optimization of battery capacity
  • ECO mode — an innovative function that enables significant energy savings, even at low load operation
  • Remote Access — monitoring through WEB browsers, TCP/ IP & SNMP as standard; supports remote access via GPRS/3G/4G modems

Hybrid Solutions, Finding the Right Balance

With the right balance between capital cost and operational efficiency, rapid deployment and operational efficiency is achievable in both off- grid and on-grid environments.

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