NetSure 211 - Mini 48V DC Power System


NetSure 211 Series

Compact –48 VDC Power Systems

The NetSure 211 Series of compact –48 VDC power systems combines reliable rectifiers with an advanced Ethernet-accessible controller.

The NetSure™ 211 Series of compact -48V power systems is the ideal solution for power plants in the smaller access segment such as street cabinets and other outdoor solutions requiring minimal space with tough environmental conditions, such as very high or very low temperature.

The system is designed with up to 6*500W or 1000W NetSure rectifiers and a standard or advanced control unit with TCP/IP to enable remote monitoring and un-attendant operation. The distribution section supports up to 12 circuit breakers ranging from 1-30A or 10 * 10-30A fuses and there is a choice of multi-function units providing battery and distribution connections.

Engineered for mini power applications, NetSure 211 is available in 19" or 23" rack mount configurations only 300mm deep to fit into ETSI 300 racks.

  • <300 mm deep
  • Front cable connections
  • Wide temperature operating range
  • Advanced controller option
  • Wide range of distribution circuit breakers
  • Compact system design
  • Supports 300mm ETSI cabinets
  • Easy access thanks to front cable connections
  • Operates in tough environmental conditions
  • Remote monitoring and un-attendant operation

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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