NetSure 701 - Medium 48V DC Power System


NetSure 701 DC Power System

Modular DC Power Systems for Medium-Sized Telecom Applications


The NetSure™ 701 is a highly flexible -48V DC system in the medium power segment. NetSure 701 delivers high reliability combined with great flexibility, and the rectifiers offer the highest efficiency in the space. The 3500 watt rectifiers, available with eSure™ technology, provide efficiency levels near 97% and reduce heat and energy loss by 58%.

NetSure 701 units come in single cabinet variants and in multi cabinet variants. Multi cabinets can easily be extended on site.

All systems come in top or bottom cable configurations and with a wide choice of distribution units. Circuit breakers and fuses can be used in both small and large sizes. Battery protection comes in different sizes. Many small or fewer large batteries can be used, depending on site and application requirements.

  • Output power, system: 3,2 to 192 kW
  • Very high reliability
  • High rectifier efficiency, near 92%
  • 400 and 600 mm deep cabinets available in multiple heights
  • High power and battery density
  • Single and multi cabinet solutions
  • Extension distribution units possible to install during operation
  • Highly configurable system structure
  • Very high reliability
  • High power and battery density
  • Highly configurable system

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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