NetSure 7100 - Medium 48V DC Power System


NetSure 7100 Series

DC Power Systems for core site back up needs

Designed for medium sized central office telecom and data center applications, ideal for replacing less power efficient solutions at sites where optimal power expandability, efficiency, and system availability are key to success. Featuring Intelligent Load Management current measurement.

The NetSure 7100 Series is designed for central offices requiring power efficiency, reliability and system availability in a small footprint. With Intelligent Load Management, individual loads can be measured and monitored, enabling tuning of power & distribution based on actual load conditions. By providing early warnings before potential overload actions to avoid failures can be taken upfront.

The Multi Cabinet configuration is designed to provide plenty of expandable power and space for load distribution in core site environments where power demand is constantly changing. This system is expandable to 2,8 MW and designed to be placed in close proximity to telecom and datacom equipment.

The Stand Alone system can be configured with embedded battery backup or a scalable
A + B configuration in a single cabinet.

The Converged AC and DC power system hosts both rectifiers and inverters and is designed for small telecom central office and data center sites that operate both AC and DC loads providing maximal power flexibility for various site needs.

  • Individual current measurement feature displays current reading for each fuse/circuit breaker
  • Site energy consumption mapping displays energy consumption for each DC power fed server rack
  • Safe and easy adaptation to new load requirements with hot-swappable rectifiers and distribution units
  • Cabinet efficiency >99,7% from rectifier output to distribution output enabling maximum system efficiency <96,2% from grid to load
  • Multi cabinets expandable to 2,8 MW for telecom and datacom equipment located in close proximity to the load
  • Affordable high power density with scalable A+B configuration in a Stand Alone Cabinet
  • TSI™ inverters in Converged systems bridge static switch shortcomings with ‘electronic switch’ functionality that provides redundancy in N+1 configurations

Netsure – The Next Generation DC Power Technology Platform

NetSure Solutions provide a DC power technology platform of indoor and outdoor integrated systems that enable wireline, ​wireless, and enterprise communication networks.

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