NetSure 701 DC Power System - 400V DC Input


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NetSure 701 with 400V
DC Input

Enables use of existing -48V DC equipment with copper-saving 400V DC power distribution.

The modular NetSure™ 701 power system with 400V DC input provides up to 800 amps of -48V DC output current. The basic components of the power system include the 400V DC input section, ACU+ control unit, DC to DC converter shelf assemblies, and -48V DC distribution within an indoor cabinet configuration.

The cabinet accommodates up to twelve plug’n’play C400/48-3500e converters, which are controlled by the ACU+. The NetSure 701 with 400V DC input distribution shelf has a capacity of 800 amps and supports up to (32) 1A to 63A circuit breakers.

  • High Efficiency – Over 97% efficient eSure™ converters reduce power consumption for lower operating cost
  • 3500W Converter – designed to operate from nominal 400V DC source to provide
    -48V DC load power
  • Advanced Controller – offers site monitoring and configuration management
  • Remote Access – options allow users to view, control, and interact with the system using an Ethernet interface
  • Plug’n’Play – add modular converters without changing the settings and making adjustments; no system interruption
  • Wide Input Voltage Range – for operation during battery discharge down to 260V DC