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Liebert AF, Active Harmonic Filter

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Liebert AF, the active harmonics solution, is a solid-state power converter that brings the ultimate power quality solution from harmonic problems to ensure a facility’s Business-Critical Continuity™:
  • Eliminate all harmonic currents from non-linear loads
  • Compensate reactive low power factor in non-linear loads
  • Improve overall power distribution system efficiency decreasing your installation and operating costs
  • Easy and quick to install
  • Up to six modules can be connected in parallel
  • Can be combined with passive filters
  • Compatible with Liebert monitoring products
  • Reduce current harmonics and improve power factor in non-linear load
  • Reduce cable rating (neutral wire size)
  • Liebert AF reduce switchgear, upstream transformer, and generator ratings
  • Improve efficiency of the distribution network, reducing energy bill
  • Avoid nuisance in tripping circuit breakers and protection relays
  • Avoid malfunction of automatic control system and inaccuracy of instrument measurement
  • Erase voltage distortion (flat top) typical in non-linear loads
  • Eliminate the damage to capacitors due to resonance and excessive N-G voltage
  • Parallelable up to six module to increase the correction capacity
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