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Liebert GXT3, 700-3000 VA RT

Reliable On-Line UPS Protection in a Compact 2U Package.

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Liebert® GXT3 Micro is a single phase UPS with on-line double conversion technology making it ideal for protecting critical loads that require continuous, high-quality AC power with zero transfer time to battery.

Liebert GXT3 Micro’s 0.9 power factor provides increased power and efficiency for protected loads. In addition, its compact rack/tower design suits all types of installations giving it the flexibility to adapt to the space requirements of any application. The combination of these high capacity and reliability features in a compact footprint allows Liebert GXT3 Micro to differentiate itself from the competition.

Liebert GXT3 Micro has also been designed to guarantee 100% uptime during maintenance through its Liebert MicroPOD™ output distribution and maintenance bypass module.

  • Online double conversion UPS
  • 2U high throughout the range
  • Rack-tower design
  • 0.9 output power factor
  • Extended runtime
  • Full set of communications options (SNMP/web, Modbus, Relay)
  • Fully RoHS compliant
  • Compact 2U high RT design maximizing space for servers when rack installed
  • IT look and feel that very well adapts to IT environments
  • Hot swap batteries and extended battery cabinets to increase availability
  • 0.9 output power factor to maximize active power provided
  • Maintenance bypass option for 100% uptime
  • Excellent input and output performances to reduce TCO