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Liebert APM


The Compact Row-Based UPS With FlexPower Technology™

The Liebert APM is the compact UPS system designed to operate with the maximum energy efficiency in the minimum footprint for the protection of the small & medium computer rooms. With best in class true online double conversion efficiency of 96% in a compact, single frame 19” enclosure (Liebert APM 30-150 kW) or double frame enclosure (Liebert APM 120-300 kW), Liebert APM keeps your network protected while saving on cost and data center space.

It features FlexPower Technology, which incorporates distributed intelligence and scalable power in a common assembly.

It is suitable for small & medium businesses with the attitude to grow fast: thanks to its architecture it enables to start with a basic configuration of 30 kW which can grow with the business up to 4 x 150 kW (Liebert APM 30-150 kW) or up to 2 x 300 kW (Liebert APM 120-300 kW) for a total of 600 kW in a single system.

The Liebert APM by Emerson Network Power is an efficient, space saving and flexible solution for your network.



  • High efficiency rating up to 96% in true online double conversion mode.


  • Lower mean time to repair (MMTR) with hot swappable modules.
  • Distributed intelligence : a system control in each single power module , instead of a centralized one, reduces the failure risk and increases the availability of your infrastructure .
  • High overload protection handles 110% overload for 60 minutes, 125% for 10 minutes, and 150% for 1 minute.


  • FlexPower Technology : The unit capacity is easily added, without increasing the system footprint.
  • Liebert APM, accommodates up to 5 x 30 kW power modules per rack and up to 4 UPS racks in parallel (Liebert APM 30-150 kW) or up to 10 x 30 kW power modules per unit and up to 2 UPS in parallel (Liebert APM 120-300 kW).
  • Redundant configuration allows you to substitute one module while the others are working.

Liebert APM ​is listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL). etllogo2.jpg

The ETL is a government list of energy saving products. Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) – a first year allowance that lets businesses set 100% of the cost of the equipment against taxable profits in a single tax year, providing accelerated tax relief.

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