Trinergy 200-1600 kW Modular UPS for Data Center


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Trinergy, 200-1600 kW

Trinergy is a revolutionary high power UPS with dynamic mode transitioning, scalability up to 9.6 MW and 99% efficiency. It delivers optimum performance and reliability with a dramatically reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).

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Trinergy® has a unique algorithm, modular design and up to 99% energy efficiency which serve to reduce total cost of ownership (TCO) by delivering:

  • Unprecedented energy savings
  • Optimum space/power ratio
  • Minimized footprint
  • Minimized air conditioning requirements
  • Fast and safe maintenance

Dynamic functioning modes

The revolutionary capability of Trinergy makes it the first UPS to combine all three industry standard functioning configurations in one high power solution:

  • Maximum Power Control (VFI)
  • Maximum Energy Saving (VFD)
  • High Efficiency and Power Conditioning (VI)

Trinergy chooses the most efficient operating mode based on the different network conditions to ensure that the supply to the load remains in optimum condition at all times, while using only the necessary energy required to provide the best power quality and conditioning to the load.

3-dimensional modularity

Trinergys three dimensions of modularity: Vertical, Horizontal and Orthogonal, allow businesses to expand their power protection needs at the same pace as their evolving load requirements by simply adding additional power modules.

Scalable up to 9.6 MW; the highest active power rating ever available in one UPS.

Market-leading energy efficiency

With an outstanding efficiency of up to 99%, Trinergy® delivers maximum running cost savings while greatly minimizing environmental impact. Such outstanding efficiency is delivered as a result of  Trinergy's ability to use only the necessary energy required to provide the best power quality and conditioning to the load.

Key Features

Trinergy is the ideal modular UPS for many applications, including the data center, offering:

  • Dynamic functioning modes - Three industry standard operating configurations in one UPS
  • Most efficient Class 1 UPS available: up to 99% efficiency (TUV certified)
    • Air conditioning size and power requirements reduced by 400%
    • Circular redundancy for flat efficiency curve at down to 20% load
  • Optimized serviceability - for guaranteed 100% uptime
  • Compatible with Chloride LIFE®.net enabling remote diagnosis of UPS condition in real time 24/7

    Other Features include:

    • Full IGBT double conversion for excellent input performance, reduced footprint & lighter weight
    • Unity input power factor with less than 3% THDi resulting in more power for the same current
    • Output power factor up to 1 and capability of supplying leading and lagging loads without derating
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          Trinergy is an ECA listed product. etllogo2.jpg

          This allows businesses to set 100% of the cost of the cooling unit against taxable profits in the year of purchase (reducing their tax bill by 28% of equipment cost. This effectively represents 28% reduction in the cost the cooling system.

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