Liebert NXL 400-800 kVA | Liebert UPS for Data Centers


Liebert NXL UPS, 400-800 kVA

The Liebert NXL™ transformer-based UPS provides reliable power protection for high power applications. It offers excellent dynamic performance and flexibility, responding to all input conditions while maintaining high output power quality for critical loads.
The Liebert NXL family further guarantees efficient power protection for a wide range of mission- critical applications such as finance, healthcare, transportation, government, telecom, manufacturing and data centers.
The Liebert NXL is available in both single module and multi-module systems. Capacities include 400, 500, 600, 800 kVA unit ratings. Liebert NXL systems use unique digital vector control technology allowing the UPS to eliminate, in real time, all overloads, frequency variations, transient disturbances, brief interruptions and power outage incidents. In addition, the UPS systems can be monitored with our industry-leading remote monitoring and diagnostic technology. 
  • True on-line double conversion topology
  • Advanced touch screen user interface
  • Superior overload and fault-clearing capability
  • High operating efficiency level
  • Intelligent paralleling control capability
  • Supports leading power factor loads without derating
  • Latest generation IGBTs
  • Output isolation transformer
  • Continuous duty static bypass switch
  • Power factor management and generator friendly operation
  • Compact footprint

Increased Availability

  • Liebert ActiveStar®Digital Signal Processor (DSP) controls
  • Redundant components: fans, power supplies, communications cards
  • Superior handling of present and future computer loads, up to 0.95 leading power factor without derating
  • High input fault current capability
  • Advanced touch screen user interface reduces risk of human error
  • Excellent dynamic performance
  • Generator and utility friendly with low current distortion

Optimized Total Cost of Ownership

  • Up to 94% operating efficiency in double conversion mode and up to 98% operating efficiency in Intelligent Eco-Mode operation
  • Front access for optimized installation and service
  • Compact cabinets optimize use of floorspace
  • Improved cable access resulting in faster installation
  • Inter-cabinet cabling requiring reduced  hard wiring