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Chloride 80-NET, 60-500 kW UPS

The Chloride 80-NET UPS system has been leading the market in performance and efficiency for several years. With proven reliability and operational value this UPS system is a true market leader and with its recent upgrade its popularity is set to increase further.

Chloride 80-NET is the best performing stand alone transformer-free UPS in its power range, designed to provide maximized active power, high efficiency and complete compatibility for modern, business critical loads.

The Chloride 80-NET UPS combines high performance and reliability with energy efficiency, resulting in optimized TCO.

Secure Power Protection

Using advanced digital control technology, Chloride 80-NET provides secure power protection, guaranteeing maximum uptime, reliability and flexibility for a wide range of mission critical applications including finance, health, transportation, telecommunications and data centers.

Chloride 80-NET guarantees 100% real power in every working condition thanks to its capability to power, without derating, all loads irrespective of the PF (leading or lagging). Its excellent power conversion efficiency, even at partial load, makes it outstanding value for customers who can greatly benefit from considerable cost savings throughout the service life of the Chloride 80-NET.

For the entire 60-500kVA Chloride 80-NET range, a 10 inch, 15 language touch screen user interface allows full interactive control of the UPS, showing users all information and measurements related to the upstream network and connected load as well as the status of the unit.

Key Features
  • Near unity input power factor (>0.99); reduce operating costs
  • Transformer-free technology; smaller footprint
  • High conversion efficiency (certified up to 98%)
  • Low THDi (<3%); improves power quality
  • Parallelable up to 8 units (as standard); future-proof UPS system
  • Output power factor of up to 1, lagging and leading
  • UPS personal ID card, containing all working parameters for minimum MTTR
  • Integral galvanic isolation as standard built-in option (60 - 120 kVA units only)
  • Chloride LIFE®.net compatible; remote monitoring & diagnostics
  • Proven track record of reliable operation

Chloride 80-NET is listed on the Energy Technology List (ETL). etllogo2.jpg

The ETL is a government list of energy saving products. Businesses that purchase products listed on the ETL can​ claim an Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) – a first year allowance that lets businesses set 100% of the cost of the equipment against taxable profits in a single tax year, providing accelerated tax relief.

For more information on the ETL visit:​​​

Chloride 80-NET: Leading power factors