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  • Trellis Platform
  • Trellis Platform Express Edition
  • Trellis Inventory Manager
  • Trellis Site Manager
  • Trellis Power System Manager
  • Trellis Process Manager
  • Trellis Mobile Suite

Trellis™ Platform

For today’s biggest challenges and data center initiatives, organizations need a robust solution to meet their growing demands. Emerson Network Power partners with our customers to understand and solve their data center imperatives and deliver the industry-leading DCIM solution to improve operations, increase ef​ficiency and enable business for growth and transformation.

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Trellis™ Platform Express Edition

The Trellis™ Platform Express Edition is a bundled offering of existing functionality that is pre-configured to customer requirements and will provide new and existing customers the ability to choose from two offerings:

1) Trellis™ Facility Manager Express
2) Trellis™ Inventory Manager Express

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Trellis™ Inventory Manager

Trellis Inventory Manager allows users to collect a detailed catalog of all the inventory items that are placed in the data center.

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Trellis™ Site Manager

Trellis Site Manager tracks and reports on the health of facility-critical devices and provides information on power, cooling and environmental conditions such as temperature, humidity, air flow and leak detection.

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Trellis™ Power System Manager

The Trellis Power System Manager allows a comprehensive view of the data center power system from utility entrance down to rack power distribution–helping managers and engineers cut energy costs and maximize capacity.

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Trellis™ Process Manager

The Trellis Process Manager provides users the ability to initiate, analyze and report on core data center processes used to drive their business.

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Trellis™ Mobile Suite

The Trellis Mobile Suite provides users control of the Trellis platform while walking the data center floor.

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This powerful tool captures costs and benefits data for calculating return on investment in DCIM solutions.
The strategic partnership of the Trellis™ platform and IBM's Cloud and Smarter Infrastru​cture solutions combines DCIM and IT service management capabilities to enable the management of the data center as an ecosystem.
Improve operations with accurate and real-time visibility into the data center operations from wherever you are.​
Increasing efficiencies, reducing costs and maintaining availability are top priorities for today’s data center admini​strators.
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Cambridge University Consolidates with the Trellis™ platform
Analysts name the Trellis™ platform a leader in DCIM for the 3rd time.
Consolidating IT Infrastructure Management: Unifying Data Center Hardware and Software Administration
Trellis ™ Platform in Action
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