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Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN)

PaTTAN executives found their data center was prone to frequent downtime and poor performance because of an insufficient power and cooling infrastructure. The data center was a constant source of stress and headaches for the organization.

The group sought a modular solution to get their power and cooling up to par and meet their unique installation and deployment needs. Soon after beginning their search, they found Emerson Network Power to have the most attractive offering.

Case Summary
Location: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Emerson Network Power Products or Services

The SmartRow™ offering solves a problem all too common to IT management: addressing new capacity needs without building new data center space. This simple, fully integrated row-based infrastructure provides up to 36kW of capacity, with precision cooling, UPS, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and built-in fire suppression.

PaTTAN needed new power and cooling solutions that would provide sufficient service availability, but the environment presented specific challenges. First, any solution would have to be rapidly deployable – over the course of a weekend – because PaTTAN could not allow their services to go down during the week. Second, due to the room’s size, any solution would need a compact footprint. PaTTAN officials also wished to include fire suppression, monitoring, management and alerting functionality.

Critical Need
PaTTAN was dissatisfied with the performance of an outdated data center that had only wall-mounted cooling units and no remote monitoring or alerting capability. They needed to increase the availability of their IT services with reliable power protection, cooling, and fire suppression.


  • The SmartRow infrastructure provides a complete solution including racks, cooling, power distribution, monitoring and fire suppression in a compact footprint.
  • Liebert® Nform™ Centralized Monitoring Software gives the PaTTAN team greater visibility into system operation.
  • Liebert APM™ On-line UPS provides highly efficient power and a path for growth with Softscale™ technology.
  • Solution was installed, deployed, and brought to full operation between Friday evening and Monday morning.

 To read more, download the PaTTAN Case Study

PaTTAN - Pennsylvania Department of Education
The Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network (PaTTAN) provides professional development and technical assistance to school districts throughout the state via a combination of events, seminars and web content.

SmartRow infrastructure - PaTTAN
“From the start of the project through to the weekend when we installed it, I knew our data center was in good hands, and that we had the expertise and technology to get the job done. It was a tough request, but the team got it done in a way that surpassed my expectations.” Corey Dickey, PaTTAN IT manager.