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Trademarks & Guidelines

Avocent Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines

Anyone who intends to use the Avocent name, Avocent logo as shown in the Avocent Brand Guidelines (“Avocent Logo”) or any other Avocent trademark or service mark (collectively, “Avocent Trademarks”) must become familiar with these Trademark and Logo Usage Guidelines to ensure proper use of the Avocent Trademarks, which are important and valuable assets of Avocent Corporation. The value of the Avocent brand symbol (logo and corporate identity) is immeasurable and its value increases each time it is presented properly and potentially decreases with every incorrect or improper application.

Basic Guidelines for Proper Use of the Avocent Logo

  1. The Avocent Logo, offered in horizontal and vertical formats, must be reproduced consistently. You may not modify or alter the Avocent Logo in any way, including size, proportions, colors, elements, type or any other respect. You may not animate, morph or otherwise distort the Avocent Logo's perspective or dimensional appearance. Always reproduce the Avocent Logo from electronic artwork provided by Avocent.

  2. To maximize the visual impact of the Avocent identity, the Avocent Logo must be reproduced only on the colors outlined in the Avocent Brand Guidelines (logo section).

  3. The Avocent Logo is a two-color logo and should must be used as such with the exception of a black and white application as described in the Avocent Brand Guidelines (logo section).

  4. The space around the Avocent Logo is a protected area and should must be free of any other graphic elements. Minimum space requirements are outlined in the Avocent Brand Guidelines (logo section). More space should be used when possible.

  5. The smallest online size allowed is 41 pixels; the smallest printed height is 12 mm.

  6. The Avocent Logo must be accompanied by the ® on all materials. The registered trademark symbol should always be subscript.

  7. If Avocent provides you with a substitute version of the Avocent Logo, you shall replace the Avocent Logo as soon as reasonably possible.

  8. You may not use the Avocent Logo in any way that tarnishes, blurs or dilutes the quality of Avocent trademarks or any associated goodwill. Without limiting the foregoing, you may not display the Avocent Logo on any pages that contain infringing or illegal content.

  9. You must include the following legal line on all packaging, marketing collateral or ads whenever you use the Avocent Logo:

The Avocent Logo is a registered trademark of Avocent Corporation or its subsidiaries.

For additional information regarding proper usage of the Avocent Logo, see the Avocent Brand Guidelines (logo section), which is designed for Avocent distributors, reseller partners and system integrators that are authorized to use the Avocent Logo in creating presentations, packaging, collateral or ads. Read thatis guide carefully to ensure that your usage of the Avocent Logo complies with Avocent corporate branding policy. For more detailed guidelines and information regarding proper use of the Avocent Logo, please see the Avocent Brand Guidelines (logo section).

Basic Guidelines for Proper Use of the  Avocent Trademarks

  1. Always use the Avocent Trademark as an adjective, modifying the generic or common name for the good. Using the Avocent Trademarks in this way will ensure that consumers recognize the mark as Avocent branded and continue to associate it with Avocent only. For acceptable nouns to be used with specific Avocent products, see the Avocent Trademark Terminology Guide below.

    CORRECT: AutoView® switches; OSCAR® interface

  2. Do not use any Avocent Trademark as a noun, instead, use the Avocent Trademark as an adjective followed by the appropriate generic term.

    CORRECT: Order DSView® 3 management software today.
    INCORRECT: Order DSView® today.

  3. Do not use any Avocent Trademark in the possessive form.

    CORRECT: The features of the LongView® extender.
    INCORRECT: The LongView’s features.

  4. Always include a reference to ownership of the Avocent Trademark. This is particularly important where the material bears the name of a third party, such as an advertisement by a licensee or customer.

    ™ & ®[Name of trademark(s)] are Trademarks trademarks or registered trademarks of Avocent Corporation or its subsidiaries.

  5. The appropriate trademark symbol (TM for product mark; SM for service mark; or ® to denote a registered trademark or service mark) should be used with the first or most prominent appearance of the Avocent Trademark in text, and need not be used again in the document so long as the reader clearly has notice from the first use.

  6. Always use the Avocent Trademark in its proper form and take corrective action whenever improper use is detected. Improper use of a trademark can result in loss of trademark rights.

Avocent Trademark Terminology Guide
The absence of a name or logo in this list does not constitute a waiver of any and all intellectual property rights that Avocent Corporation has established in any of its trademarks or logos. The status column refers to the status of the trademark in the United States. International registrations for some trademarks may exist.


Name Status Description at First Use Subsequent descriptors
ACS advanced console server console server
AdminWorks ® management software console, software
AMIQ (all models) module module
AMWorks ® Java-based system administration tool software
AMX ® switch or switch appliance, user station, switching system switch or switch appliance, user station, switching system
AutoView (alone or with models 200, 400, 424, 2xxx, xx15, 3xxx, 1000R, 2000R) AutoView® switch switch, switching system
AutoView CS AutoView® AutoView CS console server console server
AutoView Wireless AutoView® switch switch, switching system, transmitter or receiver (where applicable)
AutoTuning ® technology technology
Avocent ® Avocent Corporation Avocent
Avocent logo(s) ® n/a n/a
Avocent Care ® Avocent Care services services
AVRIQ (all models) module module
AVWorks ® cross-platform management application software
CCM console management appliance console manager, appliance
Commander ® switch switch, switching system
Companion ® extender extender
Connections ® partner program program
CPS serial over IP network appliance appliance, network appliance
Cyclades ® Cyclades Corporation Cyclades
Cyclades CS Cyclades® console server console server
Dambrackas Video Compression ® algorithm algorithm
DS1800 digital switch digital switch, switching system or switch appliance
DSAdmin management application management application, software
DSAuth DSAuth software, DSAuth Server or DSAuth PC DSAuth software, DSAuth Server or DSAuth PC, software
DSI5100 IPMI proxy appliance, proxy appliance proxy appliance, appliance
DSR ® KVM over IP switch or KVM over IP switch appliance switch, switch appliance or switching system
DSRIQ (all models) module module
DSView (pre-DSView 3) ® management software software, Client-based software, DSView 3 server
DSView 3 DSView® 3 management software software, Client-based software, DSView 3 server
DSWebview DSWebview browser-based software DSWebview server, DSWebview software, DSWebview Central Services, DSWebview Client, browser-based software
DWorks administration utility software software
Emerge (for wireless) ® Emerge wireless/wired media player, Emerge Wireless Media Streamer (EWMS), Emerge Media Streamer (EMS), Emerge digital ECMS product extender, media player, EWMS, EMS, digital ECMS
ESP (all models) ethernet serial hub serial hub
EVR environmental monitor and control appliance environmental monitor
HMIQDHDD transmitter transmitter
HMIQDI transmitter transmitter
HMIQSHDI transmitter transmitter
HMX (when referring to transmitter and receiver) extender system system
HMX 1050/2050/1070 user station user station
HMX Manager HMX Manager HMX Manager
Integrator software module module
Interface partner program program
KVM/net switch switch
KVM/netPlus switch switch
LANDesk ® Management Suite, System Manager, Server Manager LANDesk
LongView ® extender extender
LongView IP LongView® KVM extenders, extenders, Dual-Head (DH) extender KVM extenders, extender, DH extender
LongView Wireless LongView® extender extender
MergePoint 5200/5224/5240 MergePoint® service processor manager SP manager, appliance
MergePoint Embedded Management Software MergePoint® MergePoint Embedded Management Software (EMS) MergePoint EMS, MergePoint embedded software
MergePoint SP53xx MergePoint® service processor manager SP manager, appliance
MergePoint SPM 3300 MergePoint® service processor manager software software
MergePoint (when referencing the Infrastructure Explorer) MergePoint® MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer software MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer, Infrastructure Explorer, software
MergePoint Unity …Unity® KVM over IP and serial console switch switch
MPX (belongs to Emerge product line) Emerge® Emerge multipoint high-definition wired/wireless extender system (MPX) MPX extender system (when referencing the transmitter, receiver and access points collectively), MPX access point, MPX transmitter, MPX receiver
OnBoard service processor manager SP manager, appliance
OnSite branch office appliance appliance
OSCAR ® graphical user interface (GUI) interface
OutLook ® switch switch, switching system
PM (Avocent PM) Avocent Power Management Distribution Unit (PM PDU) PDU
PM (Cyclades PM) Intelligent Power Distribution Unit (IPDU) IPDU, power management appliance
Power Manager Power Manager plug-in, DSView software Power Manager plug-in plug-in
Secure Rack Management Secure Rack Management (SRM) technology SRM technology
Simply Manage *part of Avocent logo, so stands as is n/a
SonicAdmin mobile systems administration software administration software, software
SonicSentinel mobile device management software management software, software
SPC power control device power control device, device
SwitchView (alone or with models 2-port, PC, SC, SC Plus, DT, USB) SwitchView® switch switch, switching system
SwitchView IP SwitchView® remote access device remote access device
Take Command ® program program
TS terminal server terminal server
vConsole ® Java-based cross-platform graphical management utility software
XP ® switch switch, switching system