Signal Protection


Signal Protection

Traffic signals must be instructed when to change phase. They can also be coordinated so that the phase changes called for occur in some relationship with nearby signals. Most traffic control systems operate with small transmitters that send radio waves, infrared signals, or strobe light signals that are received by a sensor on or near the traffic lights. Some systems use audio detection, where a certain type of siren must be used and detected by a receiver on the traffic light structure. These sensitive signals, if not properly protected, could wreak havoc, turning a commute into a nightmare.

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Dirty Power: A Guide to Surge Protection and Filtering

AC Power - Series Connected
Edco ACP-340
Edco ACP-340LED

Edco SHA-1210
Edco SHP300-10

Edco SHA-1250
Edco SRS-BIU-15
Edco HSP121BT-1RU
Islatrol SP-6TVN
Islatrol RM Series
Edco SHA-1230FS
Edco SHA-1260
Islatrol INXT120NL000-1

AC Power -Parallel Connected
Edco EMC-240B
Edco FAS-120AC
Edco SPA-300
Edco SPA-100T
DRS Series
Edco SHA-1201

Low Voltage DC Power
Edco FAS-1 & FAS-2 Series
Edco PHC Series