SmartMod for Telecom


SmartMod for Telecom

Upgrading traditional network architectures is a challenge, requiring tremendous drain on resources. However, communication service providers (CSPs) must make significant changes in order to improve agility, reduce operating costs and remain competitive in today's converging marketplace.

The SmartMod™ telecom offering is an intelligent, rapid deployable, modular enclosure for network aggregation, seamlessly connecting end users to the high speed internet backbone.

Most network electronic sites involve several dedicated systems in order to provide a safe and reliable operating environment for your communications equipment. Power supply, backup power, climate control, surge protection, remote monitoring and energy management are some of the most critical. Along with the customer equipment, these subsystems have to be engineered to work together, delivered for assembly in the same time frame, and commissioned as a united whole. This is where SmartMod Solutions from Emerson Network Power excel.

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The SmartMod Telecom Enclosure

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